Wherligig: Beyond the Beck

Album Review - Three Stars

Sometimes a group just goes along, quietly and capably
producing enjoyable music in their local region.
Wherligig is like that. It's a family band out of
Finksburg, MD: husband Ken Koons on guitar, tin
whistle, bones, bodhran, and Scottish small pipes;
wife Stephanie Koons on hammered dulcimer, neo-Celtic
harp, harmonium, and bodhran; her brother Mark Yount
on mandolin, octave mandolin, and guitar; and son Ry
Koons joining in on tin whistle and fiddle. Wherligig
has been playing since 1985, yet they have only
released two albums as of 2001.

Wherligig: Beyond the Beck.
It is an amiable and ear-pleasing collection, with a
mix of vocal and instrumental selections. While the
instrumentals featuring hammer dulcimer, guitar, and
mandolin are their most vibrant performances, as on
"Nancy, Hesleyside Reel, Princess Royal" and "Jenny's
Welcome to Charlie," the lightly lilting whistles on
other selections are enjoyable as well. Mark Yount and
Ken Koons provide the lead vocals, and Mark gives a
strong, full-voiced performance on "Maid on the
Shore." Ken also offers a nice bit of a cappella work
on "Donkey Riding," with support from the rest of the
group on the choruses. In all, this album is a gently
agreeable listen and a pleasant addition to the field
of Celtic music. ~ Murrday Fisher, All Music Guide

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